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    Not for Everyone

    Viewing the Swiss scenery from several kilometres in the air is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime event, finding itself on many people’s bucket list. Doing it in a Turbine Legend with speeds over 600km/h, experiencing G-forces in like in a fighter jet is a completely different and indescribable experience. However, it is not for everyone!

    But are YOU everyone?

    Incredible views with a shot of adrenaline

    Fly with us to admire the most spectacular places in Switzerland in a Turbine Legend – an aircraft which is often compared to military training jets. Taking off from Grenchen, within 20 minutes we can reach the most beautiful lakes and Alpine mountain ranges. You decide which direction and we customize your experience accordingly. Book now and prepare for an extraordinary experience full of action and adrenaline!

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    Gift like no other

    Surprise a loved one with a special gift! Get them an unforgettable flight in a Turbine Legend.

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